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Sorry it's so blurry, I was on the other side of the coach and got only a second warning before we saw it! What's so special about this blurry castle? It's the castle from Monty Python and the Holy Grail!. Various scenes were filmed at Doune Castle. The very beginning where Arthur and Patsy "ride" up to the castle and get in a fight with the guards over coconuts and swallows was filmed here. So was the Swamp Castle scenes with the lovely Herbert and Lancelot. Castle Anthrax and the Camelot song scene are also filmed here. Castle Argggghhhh wasn't filmed here, that was filmed in Western Scotland. Next time I'm in the UK I plan on visiting Castle Doune as a Python fan but at least I got a glimpse! Castle Doune is located near Stirling, Scotland..not in the Highlands

A piper :)
Tags: fangirl squee!, monty python, uk trip, uk trip pic spam, vacation photos
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