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July 17-Madam Tussauds

I figured that since I just uploaded these to photobucket I'd share them with you. We did a lot more on that day then just the wax museum but whatever. Man, that place was awful. Well, not really. I thought the wax sculptures were realistic, eerily so. The crowds and heat is what made it awful, and I couldn't get near some figures (Johnny Depp). We went there for waxy Dan but they moved him to the London Eye! Lame. Oh well, I met the real deal ;)

I had to shove my way to get a photo of the Fab Four without a tourist in the picture!

Alfred Hitchcock

Run Indy, run!

There was no way to get a photo of him without somebody. The line to get your photo with waxy Jackson was long! I didn't bother to wait in line ;p

Jim Carrey

Ah, Jonathon Ross! <3

Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein

Oh hai, President Obama! It's kinda creepy how life like he is!

More photos to come later, probably Paris photos! If you didn't see my previous UK posts you can find them here:
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River Thames from the airplane
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