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Trip Journal: Day 1

This is taken directly from the journal I wrote while traveling.

July 3\4th:

The flight over was surprisingly smooth. There was, of course, bits of the flight with bad turbulance but I really wasn't fazed. The flight route took us over Vegas but we flew over an area of desert that looked like Sedona. I knew we were too far north for it to be Sedona though. Now that I think of it, we might have flown over the Valley of Fire right near Vegas. We then headed NE over Colorado and then headed north to Canada. By then it was too dark to see anything. I spent the time watching Coraline and Marley & Me, both were outstanding. The dinner was wonderful! Beef in a stew served with garlic, mashed potatoes, and cooked carrots. The beef and potatoes were so delicios. It also came with cheese & crackers, bread, and a vanilla cake with raspberry sauce, yum. I had some white wine with it, and then some orange juice.
A few hours later the sky lightened and I was able to see Greenland, so cool! It was covered with snow (obviously) and I also saw some rivers and possibly some glaciers. Hours later I looked out and saw patched of green through the clouds; it was Ireland! Sadly, that was the last of the Emerald Isle I saw because of the cloud cover. A while later I saw farmland but, that too, was mostly obscured by clouds. We started descending and broke through the clouds over London. I spotted the Thames River and looked up and down it's banks for things I recognize since I knew many London landmarks are on and near the Thames. My searching paid off, I spotted the London Eye! Well, with that i nmy sights I knew it would be only seconds before I found the Parliament Building and Big Ben. Up until that point I was mostly mellow about the trip but seeing Big Ben got me really excited!
We then landed and I made my way to customs, such a long walk from the gate, and no AC because of construction! Blah! Once there, the queue for customs went smoothly. I was disgruntled that she put the UK stamp over my Yukon stamp, now both are hard to see, lame! I then grabbed my bag and got a taxi. I took one of the famous black taxis, very roomy! It was strange seeing the driver on the right and driving on the other side of the road. It was so expensive, about 55gbp from Heathrow to my hotel! They charge by the minute, not miles...or kilometers. Once we got into central London the traffic picked up, it was a like a classy NYC. When he dropped me off he said a gay pride parade was the cause of the heavy traffic. He then said he thought there was nothing to be proud about. Whatever, I wasn't about to get in a fight with a taxi driver.
My room wasn't ready so I headed outside to watch the gay pride parade near Buckingham Palace. After getting back to the hotel I went up to my room to put my stuff away and freshen up. After resting for a bit I walked over to the Thames, it's just minutes away! I just stood there for awhile and enjoyed the scenery. By this time I was hungry so I walked to the closest pub and had fish & chips and a coke. America can keep it's coke, the UK has far superior coke! I then returned to the hotel for the rest of the night. Tomorrow is Stonehenge!
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