Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I'm typing from the hotel computer in London.

Not going to update much, just a few little blurbs for you.

There's an insane amount of Potter stuff in the British magazines so I've been having fun picking and choosing which magazines to buy! I didn't have to buy one magazine though. The in-flight magazine on the flight from Edinburgh to Birmingham had Dan on the cover, so I swiped that (as did the rest of the group!)
We've been going all over, seeing so many Potter locations. It's been absolutely exhausting but it's so worth it! Here's a quick run down so far, I'll definitely do detailed posts when I get back home.
Hagrid's hut
Black Lake/Hogwarts backround
Glennfinnen Viaduct, from CoS (google it, you'll recognize it!)
Other little spots from the movies

Gloucester Cathedral
Cloisters! Various Hogwarts halls are filmed in the Cloisters. Example, we get a first glimpse of the troll in PS in the Gloucester Cloisters

Lacock Abbey
Flitwick's classroom, Mirror of Erised room, the courtyard where Harry walks with Hedwig in the winter (PS movie), more Cloisters for other shots. Also...Snape's classroom! We got Sorted there, rofl. I'm in Ravenclaw :)

The corner where Harry and Arthur take the phonebooth down to the MoM. The phonebox isn't there :(
Also, the market Harry looks out onto when he stays in the Leaky Cauldron in PoA. King's Cross/St. Pancras Station. Platform 9 3/4! :O

Tomorrow we go to three locations in Oxford; Christ Church, New College, and I can't remember the other one.
I'm sure I'll see where McGonagall meets the kids in the beginning of PS (before they're Sorted). I might also see the courtyard that was prominent in GoF (Malfoy in the tree).
Also? Tomorrow I'm riding the Hogwarts Express to and from Oxford! Omg. Also....Stanlisov Ivaneski tomorrow night! He's Viktor Krum. Excited!

I'm mixed on the movie. I like it, I think it's the one I came away from least disappointed on the initial viewing. There's some parts I hate (Dumble's death scene, didn't like that). I loved the lack of Harry/Ginny and I thought the movie built those two up much more then the book! When I mean ''lack'' I mean the lack of kissing and other crap. I also didn't really like the lack of Harry in the Quidditch maatch. I know Ron needed to shine but I love seeing him flying on his broom! At least I got him during the try outs. I loved the Felix Felicius scene. Dan cracked me up xD
Rupert was also quite hilarious, hehe. Tom did a lovely job as well. I'll probably talk more about it later on but my 20 minutes are almost up so I'll stop here.
Tags: hp fan tour, uk vacation
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