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yer a witch Sara. I'm a what? A witch, and a thumping good one I'd wager!

I went to Whimsic Alley today and got stuff for my Potter trip. I wanted to take house robes but I knew that was impractical , big bulky and heavy robes in one suitcase? No! Instead I bought myself a Ravenclaw scarf, tie, and two pins (Ravenclaw Prefect and Seeker). My mom said I should just go as Slytherin since I have the scarf for them...I bought the scarf mostly for the colors. I'm all for inter-house unity but in that big personality\sorting test I would have done well in either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff...Ravenpuff\Huffleclaw! Since I don't want to look like a bumblebee and I like blue I got the Ravenclaw stuff. I also bought a snap hair thing that has Hedwig on it, as well as a light up wand. They're made of plastic but..they light up! I have a real wand from Alivander's but it's pretty fragile, I don't want to risk it breaking! I wanted Harry's wand but they were out, so instead I got Ron's. None of it is very large nor very heavy so it'll be alright for packing.

I am beyond excited by this point, less then a month to go! If that weren't enough, Stanislav Ianevski is going to be there! *spazz*
Tags: fangirl squee!, hp fan tour, i'm a geek
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