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President Obama visits Buchenwald
The president said he saw — reflected in the Nazi brutality against Jews and the other impounded outcasts — Israel's capacity to empathize with the suffering of others. He said that gave him more hope Israel and the Palestinians can achieve an equitable and lasting peace.
Powerful article

U.S. Judge cancels hearing in Shell-Nigeria trial
BAH! Shell and Exxon are two places I won't get gas.

Paleontologist will get 60 days for dinosaur theft
Idiot. I saw the special on Leonardo, the most preserved dino in the world, it's so fascinating!

Whaling Commission head says Japan must compromise
*SIGH* Whaling news always upsets me.

Last surviving Titanic passenger dies in London at age 97
Aww :(

2,000 year old preserved brain found

Scientists track penguins from space from their poo
this article makes me smile

Some city rats roam far from home
It amuses me that the photo they used is of a fancy russian blue rat :D

Million year old Mammoth found in Serbia

Tasmanian Devil listed as endangered's only now being put on the Endangered Species List? *boggles*

Skeleton reveals oldest case of Leprosy
Ooo, ancient medical news! Awesome :)
Tags: archaeology, dinos, endangered animals, environment, news articles, titanic
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