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I'm finished with this semester, hooray! I've been busy lately, going to school, studying, homework, the gym, errands for mom. I went to a really great show yesterday; Video Games Live! Sweet.
By this time next month I'll be in London for a full day! I'm counting down the days! My mother and I are thinking of going on a trip to Israel and Italy in December\January. A week in Israel and about a week or two in Italy. We were originally looking at a cruise but we decided we'd see a lot more on our own as well as with tour groups. There's one tour that goes to the Vatican museums after hours, that would be amazing! That reminds me of a story. Diane (remember her?) went to Italy a few years ago with a Jewish girl group. They were in the Vatican and wanted to go into the Sistine Chapel. Diane text'd a Rabbi and asked if it was a good idea for them to go in. He said no! So they deprived themselves the opportunity. I guess that's their choice, it doesn't hurt me and it only deprives them of beautiful art. Whatever.
This year is full! I have my two 1\2 week trip to the UK. yodallama is also coming to town this summer and I really want to get together with her. I have various shows to go to this autumn; U2, John Williams, Spamalot. I also have that possible Italy\Israel tour going on this winter! Plus school and the fact that I'll be turning 26! It isn't that I'm turning 26 that I don't like, it's the knowledge that I'll only be 4 years away from 30. I am sooo not my age mentally, it'll be interesting when I turn 30 if I progress mentally as slowly as I have been!

On a completely unrelated and unimportant matter, I've been reading a lot of Harry\Cedric. I got in the mood for it for some reason. Oh Robert Pattz, what happened to you? You were such a cutie in GoF!

Hey bb!

Do not want!


My love for Tom Hanks grew a bit more when I saw that interview.

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am now that Conan is on at 11:35! I've been a Conan girl for years and years and felt a bit traitorous switching to Craig for my tv viewing. I usually watched Conan online though because I still loved him. Now I don't have to decide on who to watch! I'm also tickled pink over the fact that both my late night guys film in LA so I can go to a taping of their show a lot! Now if only Jon Stewart would move out here...haha, nah it's better he's in NYC. I will miss the Stewart\Colbert\O'Brien dramaz though. Oh well.

I haven't slept yet, I'm debating whether to try and sleep for a few hours or just stay awake.
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