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Like every other LA person on my lj, I'm posting about the quake. I'm a sheep in a herd of other sheep :)

Magnitude 4.7 - moment magnitude (Mw)
Time Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 8:39:36 PM (PDT)
Monday, May 18, 2009 at 3:39:36 (UTC)
Distance from Lennox, CA - 1 km (1 miles) ESE (104 degrees)
Hawthorne, CA - 2 km (1 miles) N (9 degrees)
Inglewood, CA - 2 km (1 miles) S (177 degrees)
Westmont, CA - 4 km (2 miles) W (263 degrees)
Los Angeles Civic Center, CA - 16 km (10 miles) SW (215 degrees)
Coordinates 33 deg. 56.2 min. N (33.937N), 118 deg. 20.7 min. W (118.345W)
Depth 15 km (9.3 miles)

I was all the way in the valley but I felt it, I was at Red Lobster munching on orgasmic Bay Cheddar Rolls.

I saw Angels & Demons today, it was awesome! I had read Da Vinci Code before the movie came out (I enjoy those types of novels) but hadn't read A&D. I decided to not read it until after I saw the movie, I'm so glad I did!

My favorite character was Ewan McGregor's character. I cried when I thought he was going to die in that chopper and I cried again when I found out he was the bad guy! I then cried again when he died, boy that was disturbing! His character was brilliantly portrayed, McGregor was amazing in his role. Even after we find out about him I still cried for him.
Tom Hanks was great as always, I'm thankful he didn't have Da Vinci Code hair.
There's a scene where a Cardinal gets killed by burning, omfg that was intense! It was scary and I could almost feel the heat of the flames. Wow!

I'm definitely going to read A&D soon and I pre-ordered the third book last week. They really should make a movie out of a James Rollins or Douglas Preston book, those two authors are great.

I'm kinda going crazy over Ewan so to release that insanity I'll do a pic spam of my favorite Scot under the age of 45!

No Priest should look so fine and let me tell you, I'm not Christian and I'm not religious but I felt very wrong lusting over him ;)

Oh yea, that's why I lusted over him! :P

Best photo in the world

One of the sexiest smiles on any man. Those little smiley wrinkles make him even cuter :)

Oh dear, a strong wind could make that towel lift and that would be such a shame!

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy :)

Oh yeah, I bought a crap load of camera related goodies for my trip...including a lovely wide angle lens! I have to play around with that bad boy.
Tags: british boys are sex, earthquake!, ewan mcgregor, eye candy, movies, sara the perv, what is up with those scottish men?
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