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yay, new computer!

I bought myself a new computer. I took my old one to a guy in Sherman Oaks that got only great reviews on Yelp. He transferred all my data and built me a computer which I picked up this afternoon. I also finally bought myself an external hard drive for my music and photos, 1tb. Yah, that's a lot :P
He was really nice and very professional. I paid a little over $700 for the new computer and a keyboard\mouse set. I needed a new keyboard but I don't need a mouse. I have a lovely LG wireless but it's always good to have a spare!

I got myself hooked online really easily, unfortunately I lost all my Firefox bookmarks. That isn't that horrible, I planned on deleting 80% of them! Now I can start a more organized bookmark folder from scratch.

The internet font is killing me though, I need to change it...

I was stuck in traffic for a hour today, lame.
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