Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I f#*king hate technology!

I am beyond pissed at the moment. My computer is dead and there's no way I can log into it. It goes to that damn blue screen that's whining about a "boot". It says to log in under "safe mode" to fix the problem but it won't go through that either!
I'm so fed up, this is the fifth or sixth time where I'll need to take the computer to be fixed. I want a new computer, that's it. There's a problem with that too! I don't want a geek squad agent looking at my personal photos. I have photos that I don't want anybody seeing and I heard stories that the Agents (any comp group for that matter) looking for photos to look at for themselves. I want a new computer and I want to transfer 85% of my photos and 100% of my music files to the new computer but I don't want a GS Agent doing it, at least not in front of me! I called them and asked if they can get the computer to at least work so I can work on preparing it to transfer. No, they can't.
We know somebody that really knows computers but I wouldn't trust him. A) He definitely would look at the photos and B)He takes forever to even show up. My mom said she knows somebody that might be able to fix it.

I can't even get on my frickin' laptop because my mom lost the damn charger! I needed to buy another charger because the one that came with the laptop broke. This is one that has many little hookups for various laptops. She lost the one for my laptop and the company won't send me a replacement, I'd have to buy a whole new unit! $80....

I'd say screw it to the files on my old computer except for the fact that there's some vacation and pet photos that aren't on the internet yet! You know how many photos of the animals and trips I take? It takes forever uploading them to photobucket! I can live without my scanned family photos or my fandom photos, I can always go back and save those fandom photos. It's the pets and vacation photos that are important to me. Plus my music!

PS---Having a helicopter hovering around your neighborhood really low doesn't do anything to improve my already foul mood!
Tags: computer issues, rants
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