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It's Holocaust Rembrance Day

I took a fwe minutes today to think of all the people who died during the Holacaust, 21 million people. Jews, homosexuals, Serbs, Romani, the disabled, etc. I also watched Shindler's List (oy vey) and listened to a lot of Jewish music today.

One of the most beautiful songs sung by one of the most beautiful voices.

Israeli National Anthem. It means "The Hope" and it's a song about the Jewish Nation finding a country and living in peace.

This song is powerful

DO NOT watch this if you are feeling emotional!
It's that haunting theme from Schindler's List along with scenes from the movie -.-

Auschwitz today

Let's end with an uplifting song!

And another song about hope...

Here it is in English!. I love the end!
Tags: holocause remembrance day, i'm a jew
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