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I admit it, I squee'd

So we have some photos of Dan and Emma during the filming of DH! The tent scene! I loved this, sure it was way too many pages but they had alone time together. Too bad Jo didn't have them have hot tent sex or something ;)
I can't wait until the flood of available icons ^_^

I also added some really nifty photos of the trio from dhmoviepics

Harry: I'm sorry Ron left. Do you want comfort sex?
Hermione: You have to ask?

You have no idea how happy his hair makes me. I would have gathered a mob if he had OotP hair in this. It's kind of like PoA hair, the best hair of all :D

Why do you look so awkward Harry?

As much as I don't like R\Hr, I do think this photo is darling :)

And the Best Mate shippers rejoice

Harry Potter doesn't like it when the Wizarding public gets in his face

Awww, goofy!Harry is goofy! Is it me or does Dan look a tiny bit like a young Michael J Fox on the left photo? Hmmmm
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