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Happiness Meme Day 3 (this icon is so appropriate)

~The end of Passover, mwahahaha!
~It was a nice day today, flowers still in bloom and a nice breeze
~Passover is over
~I got more info on flight prices
~I joined the Yahoo group for the Potter tour
~I got a drink from Coffee Bean because Passover is over
~Did I mention Passover is over?
Oh yah and I can't forget that...

I didn't really mention that I would be seeing him tonight because I didn't want to get my hopes up if it didn't work out. It did though! We all met up at the Cheesecake Factory and got together for about two hours. So freaking happy :)
He's still aiming on coming here for school, he really hopes he likes the college he's visiting tomorrow (that offered him a scholarship!). We already decided that if he comes here for school and he isn't busy that weekend, he'll come to the U2 concert with me. ^_^

We won't be getting together again this time, they have a full day of seeing two colleges tomorrow and they're leaving Saturday. Well, that's okay. If he comes down here like he hopes I'll get to see him at least once a month!

Took photos of course. He said I lost weight :)
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