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Happiness Meme Day 2

~I got some new clothes! I found two adorable tops, which I might model later on and a nice pair of jeans. The jeans and the two tops are both very slimming, so I look about a size smaller!
~I bought myself a ticket to see Depeche Mode this August at the Hollywood Bowl. I didn't realize the tickets went on sale so the seat I got wasn't that great (I refuse to spend $180 on a seat that normally goes for $80). The seat I got isn't that bad though.
~Tonight's a new episode of South Park. Nevermind, that episode was really stupid and probably the worst of the season so far.
~Harry Potter will be released in theaters two days early! I don't know what that means for the trip I'm going on, we're supposed to be going to the world premiere in London. Is that still on...hmmm, when is the premiere anyway :B
~The wind is blowing today, nice big gusts! It's also bringing in dark and ominous looking clouds, perhaps we'll get rain this week after all!
~Our rose garden looks like it took up steroids!
~Knowing what tomorrow will bring also makes me happy!
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