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I went to the shelter today to drop off some canned food our animals don't like. I also needed to pick up a cat trap so I can catch one of the cats that got out.

Anyway, I saw a teenage girl and her dad waiting to fill out paperwork to adopt a hound\goldie mix. The father was about fill it out when his daughter looked at the dog again. "I don't want this dog anymore dad, the tail has missing fur and there's a scar on his ear!"

The dog was wagging it's tail very fast and looked so happy to be with these two people. A volunteer took the dog and led it back to door leading to the cages. The dog looked confused and then the tail stopped wagging and dropped. That poor dog! What a terrible thing to happen to it, it almost had a home! What an awful reason to reject a dog.

Birthright Israel sent out a mass email letting us know that all people accepted have been notified. If you aren't notified it means you're wait listed. I'm so fed up with it, I mentioned why a few days ago. I might be wait listed but by this time I say "screw it". Tomorrow I'm going to reserve me spot on the other tours and get a hotel room for the extra days I'm in the UK. Forget Israel, I can always go some other time. Ugh

One more thing...

Fuck these people. Yeah, I said it. You know what I want you, my lovely friends, to do? Spam my journal with slashy\gay fics, art, pictures, videos, whatever!
Tags: birthright israel, homophobia makes my blood boil, sara the bitch, stupid people, uk trip
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