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1. I graduated 8th grade.
2. I graduated college.
3. I graduated high school.
4. I love to travel.

5. I have been to Europe. Not yet but I'm going there this summer!
6. I have been to North America.
7. I have been to Asia.
8. I have been to Antarctica. Some day...
9. I have been to Africa.
10. I have been to Australia.
11. I have been to South America.

12. I hate cruises.
13. I love cruises.
14. I have been on a cruise.
15. I love star gazing.

16. I am scared of the dark.
17. I have a fear of flying.
18. I have been on so many flights before that I can't keep track.
19. I have a boyfriend.
20. I am single.
21. I am taken.
22. I am gay.
23. I am a lesbian.
24. I am straight.
25. I am white.

26. I am black.
27. I am Asian.
28. I am Jewish.
29. I am Hindu.
30. I am a Buddhist.
31. I am Muslim.
32. I am a Christian.
33. I am Catholic.
34. I celebrate Hannukah.
35. I celebrate Christmas.
36. Easter is my favorite holiday.
37. I used to go on Easter egg hunts when I was a little kid.
38. I love the snow.
39. I hate the snow.
40. I have been to the United States.
41. I have been to Canada.

42. I have been to PEI.
43. I have been to Nova Scotia.
44. I have been to British Columbia.
45. I have been to Ontario.
46. I have been to Quebec.
47. I have been to Saskatchewan.
48. I have been to Manitoba.
49. I have been to Newfoundland.
50. I have been to Alberta.
Hey! What about the Yukon!? I've been there!
51. I have been to New Brunswick (Canada).
52. I have been to New Brunswick, New Jersey.
53. I have been to Alabama.
54. I have been to Alaska.
55. I have been to Arizona.

56. I have been to Arkansas.
57. I have been to California.
58. I have been to Connecticut.
59. I have been to Delaware.
60. I have been to Florida.
61. I have been to Georgia.

62. I have been to Hawaii.
63. I have been to Idaho.
64. I have been to Illinois.
65. I have been to Indiana.
66. I have been to Iowa.
67. I have been to Kentucky.
68. I have been to Kansas.
69. I have been to Louisiana.
70. I have been to the Yukon Territory. Haha, nevermind! I'm surprised it isn't up in the Canada part of this survey...
71. I have been to the Northwest Territories.
72. I have been to Maine.
73. I have been to Massachusetts.
74. I have been to Mississippi.
75. I have been to Minnesota.
76. I have been to Nevada.
77. I have been to New Jersey.
78. I have been to New York.
79. I have been to New Mexico.
80. I have been to Ohio.
81. I have been to Oregon.

82. I have been to Oklahoma.
83. I have been to Pennsylvania.
84. I have been to Maryland.

85. I have been to North Carolina.
86. I have been to North Dakota.
87. I have been to Rhode Island.
88. I have been to Tennessee.
89. I have been to South Dakota.
90. I have been to South Carolina.
91. I have been to Texas.
92. I have been to Utah.
93. I have been to Virginia.
94. I have been to Montana.
95. I have been to Vermont.
96. I have been to West Virginia.
97. I have been to Washington, DC.
98. I have been to Washington.
99. I have been to Wyoming.

100. I have been to Colorado.
101. I have been to New Hampshire.
102. I have been to Puerto Rico.
103. I have been to Guam.
104. I have been to Costa Rica.
105. I have been to The Seychelles.
106. I have been to India.
107. I have been to Switzerland.
108. I have been to Nebraska.
109. I have been to Missouri.
110. I have kissed a boy.
111. I have kissed a girl.

112. I have had more than three boyfriends.
113. I have 2 or more best friends.
114. I only have 1 best friend.
115. I like my family.
116. My family drives me nuts sometimes.

117. I have plans to go to college. (I'm in college)
118. I have plans to go to grad school. maybe...
119. I have seen the pyramids in Egypt.
120. I have seen the Rocky Mountains.
121. I have been to Toronto.
122. I have been to Paris.
123. I have seen the Alps.
124. I have seen the Grand Canyon.
125. I have gone sky diving.
126. I have gone hangliding.
127. I want to learn how to surf.
128. I know how to surf.
129. I love the ocean.
130. I love the beach. Specifically, I love rocky beaches
131. I would rather stay in a cabin in the mountains.
132. I love fresh air.
133. I love hiking around national parks or wildlife preserves.

134. I have been to tropical or subtropical islands.
135. I own an island. lolz
136. I have my own house.
137. I am married.
138. I am married with kids.
139. I have a serious boyfriend.
140. I have pets.
141. I have a cat or cats.
142. I have a dog or dogs.

143. I have an unusual or exotic pet (name what it is here:russian tortoise, koi)
144. I am obsessed with celebrities' lives.
145. I want to be an editor.
146. I want to study animals.
147. I want to be a psychologist.
148. I want to be a writer.
149. I want to be an actress or actor.
150. I am a feminist. Not hardcore
151. I am a good cook.
152. I love Valentine's Day.
153. I hate Valentine's Day.
154. I am liberal.

155. I am conservative.
156. I try to keep an open mind.
157. I have been with my current boyfriend or girlfriend for over a year.
158. I have been with my current boyfriend or girlfriend for over a month.
159. My favorite drink is soda.
160. My favorite drink is alcoholic.
161. I am/have been guilty of underage drinking. If you count drinking one or two glasses of wine on holidays...
162. I am/have been guilty of taking illegal substances.
163. I have smoked pot.
164. I have smoked hash.
165. I have smoked cigarettes.
166. I have taken magic mushrooms.
167. I have taken LSD.
168. I have taken XTC. Wha?
169. I have taken speed.
170. I have snorted coke.
171. I have injected or snorted heroin.
172. I have dabbled with inhalants.
173. I have tried mesculine. Er?
174. I have tried peyote.
175. I have lost a friend who was very dear to me at one point in my life.
176. I have had a friend who died.
177. I have had a close family member die.

178. I have never had any family member die.
179. I have never been to a funeral.
180. I don't know how to ride a bike.
181. I am just learning how to drive a car.
182. I have been driving for a while.
183. I am just learning how to drive stick shift.
184. I want a mansion on the beach.
185. I am addicted to The OC. lmao
186. I have met someone awesome in another country, state, or province.
187. I have experienced a very scary flight.

188. I have been in The Louvre.
189. I have been to Belgium.
190. My favorite food is waffles.
191. I got assaulted once in Mexico.
192. I made out with a person whose language I did not speak.
193. I am very romantic at heart.
194. I love getting cliche gifts, like roses, chocolate
, and lingerie.
195. I love champagne. and orange juice
196. I am happy that my boyfriend or girlfriend can cook.
197. I want more bolding surveys.
198. I am addicted to surveys.
199. I have a job.
200. I have a job that I like.
201. I am tired.
202. I live in New Jersey.
203. I live in California.
204. I live in Alaska.
205. I live in Canada.
206. I have over 10 DVDs.
207. I just bought a CD yesterday.
208. I love reading.
209. My favorite movies are epic battle movies.
210. My favorite kind of music is metal.
211. I'm a punk rock fan.
212. I have been to a concert before.
213. I have seen my favorite band live before.
214. I am in love with Social Distortion.
Not in love but I've been a big fan for years and years
215. My state or province has an awesome underground music scene. probably!
216. I hate the beach.
217. I am scared of water.
218. I suffer from depression.
219. I suffer from schizophrenia.
220. I suffer from bipolar disorder.
221. I suffer from autism.
222. I wonder...
223. I have an older brother.
224. I love my sibling(s).
Sure I love him but I don't like him
225. I have a lot of fun with my sibling(s).
226. My sibling(s) doesn't live with me anymore.
227. I live with my parent(s).

228. I no longer live with my parents.
229. My family is very educated.
230. My friends are very smart.

231. Sometimes, my friends' intelligence impresses me.
232. I exercise.

233. I have claustrophobia.
234. Bugs make me scream.
235. I know nothing or very little about birds or animals.
236. I am an avid birdwatcher.
237. I have been frightened by a coyote while hiking.
238. I have been frightened by a snake while hiking.
239. I have been frightened by a bear while hiking.
240. I find swamps eerily beautiful.
241. I believe in ghosts.
242. I have experienced certain things that I can only attribute to the supernatural.

243. I think the house I grew up in is haunted.
244. I love orange juice.
245. A pet of mine has been run over by a car.
246. My boyfriend or girlfriend goes to college.
247. Alcoholism runs in my family.
248. Addiction runs in my family.
My biological family
249. I feel like I am in a rut.
250. I have been bitten by a wild animal before.
251. I used to feed birds and chipmunks.

252. I love driving in the fog.
253. I hate driving.
254. I find that I am always the one who is driving.
255. I love maps. Google Earth rocks my socks
256. I am hungry.
257. I feel ill.
258. I have had the flu.
259. I have had chickenpox.

260. I have had pneumonia.
261. I have broken a bone before.
262. I have had bronchitis.
263. I have been bitten by a poisonous snake or poisonous spider. (all spiders are poisonous..)

264. I find myself often bored.
265. I am into scrapbooking.
266. I love magazines. Only a handful...
267. I think it's a waste of money to subscribe to magazines.
268. I hate girls.
269. I want a new car.
270. I don't like bolding surveys.
271. I have a laptop.
272. I love scented candles.
273. Scented candles give me a headache. Most do
274. I like to take baths.
275. There is place that I have been going to on vacation ever since I was a baby. (though i haven't been there in awhile)
276. I live in Cape Cod .
277. A friend of mine has moved across the country or many miles away.
278. I have had a long-distance relationship. I might be getting into one...
279. I am in a long-distance relationship.
280. I have brown hair.
281. I am a redhead.
282. I have black hair.
283. I am a blonde.
284. I am short.
285. I am tall.
286. I am average.
287. I am fat. Or at least I think I am.
288. I am skinny.
289. I weigh what I am supposed to weigh.
290. I have muscles. (all bodies have muscles :P)
291. I could kick someone's ass if I really wanted to.
292. I have been in a physical fight before.
293. I have been in a verbal fight before.
294. My favorite plant is a cactus.
295. I love fooling around on the internet.
296. I like days where I have nothing to do
297. I am a city person.
298. I like the country more.
299. I have been to New York City.

300. I would like to see New York City.
301. I ride a bike everywhere I go.
302. I am a virgin.
303. I am not a virgin.
304. One of my close friends suffers/suffered from a drug or alcohol addiction.
305. I love throwing parties.
306. I love going to parties.
307. I love summer.
308. I like watching fireworks. They're so awful for the environment though
309. I go horseback riding often.
310. I went horseback riding once or twice.
311. I love Pennsylvania.
312. I have a printer.
313. I have many purses.
314. I have a lot of clothes.
315. I'm really not into clothes or shopping.

316. I am addicted to spending money.
317. I love watching DVDs while I lounge around on the couch and eat popcorn.
318. I enjoy having sleep-overs with my friends.
319. I love sleeping in my own bed.
320. I have Christmas lights up in my room.
321. I rent an apartment.
322. The cost of living is very expensive in my area.
323. There is a lot of traffic around my area.
324. I <3 The Sopranos.
325. I hate TV.
326. I have tons of CDs.
327. My neighbors can be kind of annoying.
Kind of? They let their dog wander the streets >:O
328. I wish I could see some of my friends more often.
329. I wish I didn't feel so guilty all of the time.
330. Whenever I see a shooting star, I wish on it.
331. I have seen the Northern Lights. One day!
332. I have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
333. I have camped in the true wilderness.
334. I have been camping before.
335. I love roasted marshmallows.

336. I have been through a tornado.
337. I have been through a Category 1 hurricane or a tropical storm.
338. I have been through a Category 2 or above hurricane.
339. I have experienced a massive earthquake. 94' Northridge quake....scary shit
340. I have experienced a very minor earthquake.
341. I have seen wildfires. I live in Los Angeles ;p
342. I have been through a mudslide.
343. I have experienced a tsunami.
344. I have experienced another natural disaster.
345. I love the rain.
346. I have never seen snow.
347. I would love to see snow.
348. It has snowed a lot in the past month. Not here but it has snowed a lot in the past month in other places! Haha, loopholes
349. I am looking forward to something in the next few months. ENGLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!
350. I am going to a wedding this year.
351. I just got engaged!
352. I hope to get engaged by the end of this year.
353. Weddings make me teary-eyed.
354. My mom cries at weddings.
355. Sometimes my dad drives me crazy with his lectures, tangents, and repetitive stories. My dad's dead....but he did, haha
356. Sometimes my mom drives me crazy with her paranoia and intense fear of everything.
357. Sometimes my sibling(s) drive me crazy.
358. I love road trips!
359. I want to go on a road trip with my closest friends.

360. I have driven across the country.
361. I have a cell phone.
362. I am currently reading a book.

363. I have seen pink sand beaches.
364. I have seen yellow sand beaches.
365. I have seen white sand beaches.

366. I have seen black sand beaches. (when I go to Hawaii...)
367. I have seen beaches that are made up of rocks.
368. I love salty food.
369. I love seafood.
370. I have eaten many exotic cuisines.
371. I have had Afghan cuisine.
372. I have had other Middle Eastern cuisines.
372. I have had Greek food.
373. I have had Italian food.
374. I have had Tex-Mex.

375. I have had Moroccan food.
376. I have had American food.

377. I have had Vietnamese food.
378. I have had Chinese food.
379. I have had Thai food.
380. I have had Ethiopian food.

381. I have had Turkish food.
382. I have had Cuban food.
383. I have had Haitian food.
384. I have had Norwegian food.
385. I have had moose. They remind me too much of my dog
386. I have gone hunting before.
387. I have eaten what I have hunted.
388. A wild animal got stuck inside my house once. (more than once..)
389. I have been on an African safari.
390. I want to go on an African safari.
391. I like clocks.
coocoo clocks rock
392. I like accessories.
393. I have been to a Renaissance Fair.
394. I am a dork, and I am perfectly comfortable with that.

395. The shirt that I am wearing today is turquoise.
396. I own many pairs of shoes.
397. I always try to scan the tracks for rats when I'm waiting for the subway/Metro/Tube/etc. I do! Haha! I've seen some too, I coo at them
398. I am scared of going to NYC.
399. I am scared about traveling abroad.
400. I thought it was about time for a newish bolding survey.
401. I have had Mexican food.
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