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Wizard Wrock and jerky people

Saturday was a very bi-polar day

I went to Whimsic Alley and saw Alex from The Remus Lupins and Jason and Voldemark from Ministry of Magic. Seeing MoM was amazing, they're my favorite Potter group. Seriously, if you like Wizard Wrock but you haven't heard them you need to check them out!

While driving home somebody smacked into my side mirror. Didn't just ding it, the mirror is dangling by it's cord, I'm so pissed! They also sped off and I can't see letters too well so I couldn't get the license plate, ugh! Mom said it'll cost me $300-$500 to fix it :(

This makes the mirror incident slightly tolerable.

Again, I love MoM! Jason and (Volder)mark can sing so well...and Mark gets really great high notes. It was an intimate setting, the people near the guys were all sitting down (my poor legs started cramping) and they were joking around with us. We lol'd over Twilight. No offense to my Twi-lover friends out there but I was getting a kick out of all the things they were saying ;)

One more I uploaded, Lovegood!

Mark looks like the butt of a joke

Jason and Mark. I don't usually got for shaved heads but I gotta admit that I was crushing on him yesterday. He's a nice guy (he chatted with me for five minutes before the show) and he has a great voice. Haha, I also like Jason, he's so Jewish looking xD


Hehe. That reminds me, I'm getting my hair done this week :P

This also makes me feel better :)
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