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Tonight's South Park was awesome, I've missed episodes with Kyle being a center character.

I still haven't heard from Birthright.

My mom takes South Park way too seriously. My Comedy Central airs that stuff twice a day, once at 7 and once at 9. She watched it with me when I put it on again at 9. If you haven't seen the show yet and don't want to be spoiled, don't click the cut.

The episode focuses on the economy. Randy being Randy, becomes some sort of prophet who preaches about stupid spending and treats the economy as some sort of god. Kyle, being one of the only voices of reason this show has, said we have to keep spending. The episode treats Kyle as Jesus, which becomes 100% clear during the pizza parlor scene (Last Supper painting). In the end Kyle, who has an AmEx Platinum with no limits, pays off all the dept for the people of South Park. His mother worries about how he'll be in the debt for the rest of his life. Kyle, being the thoughtful boy that he is, doesn't care and pays off people's debts so they can start spending again.

Anyway, Cartman blames the Jews in this episode. Am I surprised? No. Should anybody that knows this show be surprised? Of course not.
Kyle is called "the Jew" all throughout the episode. My mom is taking major offense to the episode, calling it anti Semitic. Good grief, nobody is safe from South Park's satire! The show has mocked Jews, Christians, Muslims, Scientology, everybody! The Jews are mocked the most in this show because Jews are the punching bag throughout history, we have always been pushed around and discriminated against. Cartman is the typical anti-Semite (well, more then typical since he's actually tried to kill the Jews). I don't take offense to this and I'm a Jew. Do you know why I don't take offense? I don't take the show seriously. It's one of my favorite shows but that's because I look beyond the stupidity and fart jokes and see the intelligent show that it is. Matt and Trey make very good points with their silly characters...and I've told mom again and again that Matt Stone (voice of Kyle) is Jewish! I don't think he's a self hating Jew either, he's probably like me. Kyle Broflovski is Jewish and he's one of the most sane characters of the show. Kyle also has a huge fan base, one to possibly rival Cartman. A lot of people list Kyle as their favorite character, myself included.

Eh, I yakked way more then I meant to. My point is to not take the show seriously, just enjoy it. If you don't like the show that's fine but I highly doubt that South Park is going to create another Adolf Hitler.
Tags: fandoms, human rights, mom, rants, south park
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