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I was bitten by a zombie last week and have finally fully turned, all I need are braaaaaaaaaains. I also have better teeth then the average dentist. If you know any of the living dead, whether it be zombie or vampire, and they have bad teeth let me know. I'll give you my dentist's number, I can assure you he knows how to work with the eternally damned.


I paid for more of my UK trip, just a little more then half left!

I've been chatting with a guy online. He's really great, it's so unfortunate he lives in NE Oregon. Meh, long distance relationships can work but do I want to try...I don't know.

I have a pile of homework that's probably a foot in height. I've also been unfortunate on job hunting but what can I say. My cousin got accepted into UCLA. The question is will he come down here? I hope so :P

Mr. Blobby! He's a fathead fish :P

Don't like the unfortunate Mr. Blobby? Well then here's a cute puffer fish!
Tags: braaaains!, cute animals
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