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RIP Mystery

This morning my mom and I took our eldest Mystery in to be put to sleep. It was easier then it could've been, we've been preparing for about two months now. She wasn't in pain but she stopped eating and got extra cuddly and kept looking outside, I think she was nearing the end. We pet her and it took all of 10 seconds. The vet wasn't even done with the injection when she put her head down. We wanted to help her along before she did have pain and where she was still aware enough to know we were there with her at the end.

Mystery didn't quite make it to 20 years of age, just two weeks shy of it. She probably could've lived another two weeks but that would have been for our own selfish reasons. Like I said, she wasn't in any pain but she basically had no quality anymore...or hardly any.

She's with her brother Mr. Scrooge who passed a few years ago. The Loud Mouthed Duo are together again. I'm sad but I had a good cry and I know she isn't a shell of her former self anymore.

RIP Mystery
April 1, 1990--March 17, 2009

The last photo I took of her, three months ago. She was still doing alright, walking properly, eating, and walking correctly. She went downhill fast.

Some time in 2008

A few years ago, when she was just a grouchy old lady.

Years before the whole cancer mess.

Mr. Scrooge a few years before he passed. He went downhill fast as well but he died naturally.

A day or two after a tumor removal. Celebrating St. Patrick's Day before he went downhill. He passed December of that year.
Tags: mr. scrooge, my cats, mystery, pet deaths, rip
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