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Spencer loves that cat tree, or at least that level.

I still haven't heard from Birthright, it's actually starting to piss me off. I emailed them and told them that I need to know asap if I'm accepted because I have prior engagements in the United Kingdom in July and want to know if I can work Birthright in the same trip. That's kind of a lie, I never booked my UK tour. I didn't want to even start that until I heard from Birthright, they didn't have to know that though. I've decided that I'll probably go to the UK even if I don't get accepted. That is, if I can find a decent flight. I probably can, according to the UK tour flight prices have gone down drastically. I want to book the tour and the flight soon though before it's too late! I need to hear from Birthright -.-

I decided that if I can, I'm going to try and go to Comic Con this summer. We'll see if I can use my timeshare, that would save so much $$$
U2 announced tour dates this week and I am so going to their show at the Rose Bowl! I hope I can find somebody to go with but I'll go even if I'm alone.
Tags: 365 photos, birthright israel, comic con, concerts, u2, uk, vacations
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