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Today was a busy day.

I headed to class and had two tests. I then headed to the library for math tutoring and studying, from there the gym! I did a hour on the bike and treadmill.

I headed home to do more stuff before watching President Obama's address (which was brilliant I might add). I made an appointment with a counselor at Santa Monica College. Right now I'm going to West Los Angeles College but it doesn't offer the prerequisite classes needed to get into Moorpark College's exotic animal program. I thought long and hard this weekend after seeing those tigers. I'm always very happy when I'm surrounded by big cats and I've always wanted to work with them. I didn't even attempt to try because I thought I had no hope of doing it. I went into a major I enjoy but wasn't passionate about. I've always been passionate about animals but went into Anthropology which I only enjoy as a hobby. This weekend I realized that I won't be truly happy with a career that doesn't involve animals. Whether it be a vet, a zoo keeper, or a naturalist. My animals of choice are big cats and whales but I'd be happy to work with almost any kind of animal.
I made up my mind this weekend to try to go for the goal. I'm not getting any younger and I won't know if I can do it if I don't try. So, I'm going to see a counselor at SMC to re-enroll myself with that school so I can take the courses needed to qualify for Moorpark. When I get to Moorpark, if I get there, I will have to move out. It's only a hour away but you have to be there every day bright and early. You get no days off when enrolled in their teaching zoo and your hours are strange so it would be too much of a hassle to stay home. I won't have to worry about that for about a year though because there's some courses that I haven't taken that I must take before I'm qualified.
It will be demanding if I get into the school and it will eat away at me phsyically and mentally. It will be worth it though if I can achieve my dream of working with wild animals.

Today I'll share a handful of photos from my trip. These photos were taken at Sigfried & Roy's Secret Garden. It's a habitat at the Mirage Hotel that houses alpacas, Atlantic bottle nose dolphins, white lions, white tigers, leopards, and snow leopards. They strive to breed healthy white tigers and lions and are always looking for breeding stock that will help the bloodline. I spent over three hours there enjoying the big cats.

How stunning are these white lions? Amazing :)

Another photo of the handsome lions

The shy snow leopard

A playful leopard cub

Look at the face! :D

Snuggling brothers (ten months)

Look at the calm kitty :3

Even though this photo is blurry, it's one of my favorites

A different tiger then the above cubs, an older boy

They took the white tiger out and replaced it with this orange guy. They give each cat a chance in the habitats. The orange tiger is making this silly face because it smells the previous white tiger's markings. Needless to say, it proceeded to mark all those spots ;)

A tiger cub in another habitat smelling the new orange guy from across the way (the tiger above)
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