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I am an insanely happy Craig fangirl

I'm back at the hotel from seeing Craig Ferguson live. Omgoodness, my face hurt from laughing so hard! \ It was like a hour and a half monologue where he doesn't censor himself! He did a Connery, said "I made myself laugh", talked about that city in Nevada with the fart name. He said the word "cock" a quizillion times, the word never sounded so naughty :B
He was fabulous...and I was right on the stage! Literally! I was at the first row of tables and I was able to lean on the stage. He kept pacing around the stage and I think he looked everybody from the front row in the eye at least once. He looked me in the eye and loomed over me when he was three feet from me! He was closer tonight then when I saw him as a studio audience member. I can see myself coming to Vegas whenever he's here.
There was a douche toward the back that took about 5 photos with the flash on and he didn't get busted. I took one photo at the very end when he said goodnight with the flash off and an aggressive lady said "no photos!"
Bah! I know you aren't supposed to but I thought that was pretty damn unfair. I did get a very blurry photo...and a two second sound clip (didn't raise my camera).

We left around 10:45am this morning and got there around 3:15. We drove around the Strip to see what's what and went back to the hotel to check in. We were in the MGM Grand most of the night, ate dinner there and checked out the lion exhibit. You go in a tunnel and the lions are right above you on some plexiglass. At one point they got "intimate" xD

Time to wait for Craig on the Late Late Show and then bed. We're going to Red Rock Canyon tomorrow. We're also seeing "O"

Conan's last week is kinda sad :\
Tags: craig ferguson, fangirl squee!!!, vacations
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