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Dan interviews are always the best! - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Tue, Jan. 27th, 2009 03:10 am
Dan interviews are always the best!

Dan gave a lovely interview on Martin Luther King Day. You can read the entirety here but I put my favorite parts under the cut!

On Tuesday Barack Obama becomes our new president. We happen to be seeing each other in a very American week. Does it make you feel overly British to be here right now, or less so?

I feel privileged to be here for Obama’s inauguration. But I do tend to go doubly British when I am away from home. I have picked up certain phrases while here in America that I plan to eradicate as soon as I get back home.
But getting back to Mr. Obama. I am so proud and happy for this country. He is everything the rest of the world liked about America and now likes again. He is both Martin Luther King and JFK. He is a pioneer. He is a symbol of progress which is what we dig about this country. What you love about England is all the old buildings and such. The traditions. I love that, too. But this is what we want from you.
And may I? I’d like to take this opportunity to issue a public invitation to the Obamas that if their daughters would like a private tour of the Harry Potter set, I would be honored to be their personal tour guide.

Haha, I'd love to see photos of Dan giving the Obama girls a tour :D

Britain beat us at having a female leader. But could such a thing happen in England—a black man being elected as prime minister. Or how about a Pakistani?

I think that will be the next thing to happen. It will happen with an Asian guy before it happens with a black guy. I don’t know why that is, but English politics is just so overly white. It’s very much about the class structure. And particularly with the Labour Party being like it is. New Labour now. It’s so upper class, really. I mean you can’t criticize people for being born upper class, but that does seem to be the trend, and you just really feel you need somebody to go in and really shake things up. The thing is this is what my generation in England misses in politics and what America has just gained through this fantastic man, Barack Obama. We don’t have a figure we can all get behind. The parties in England are now so close together that people my age feel it doesn’t matter who they vote for because it’s going to be the same group of people basically in government. I mean, look at the last London mayorial election: The reason Boris Johnson got in is simply because he hosted Have I Got News for You a few times, which is an English satirical show. It was a vote for celebrity. But during that election, I was the only person I knew my age who voted. Not one of my friends even registered.
Omfg, he's political! Maybe not insanely political but...YAY!!! I'd love to have a political conversation with Dan, I think I'd have loads of fun!

Your mother is Jewish. Do you identify as Jewish yourself?

Absolutely. I really do. My dad is Northern Irish and my mum is Jewish. That’s working blood. Though I am not religious in the least, I am very proud to be Jewish.
*does a fangirl dance of utter joy* Haha, now he'd be "good enough" for me to marry...at least according to my mom and my religious family! His mum is Jewish, that's all it takes. Jewish!Dan is seven kinds of awesome :)

Have you contacted your co-star in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—Robert Pattinson—to give him any advice about his own sudden fame because of the Twilight films? He was once quoted as saying that if given a choice between himself and you, that girls would choose you every time.

I don’t have his number, so haven’t spoken to him. But I can safely say that his insisting that girls would choose me over him that they would not. That they do not. He is the much prettier and can be much more charming. And he can do that thing of being sultry and sexy.
Hahaha, he said that Robert is sexy, sultry, and pretty. That makes me lolz :)

You’re sexy, Daniel. Come on. Own it.

I can’t!
So modest. You're sexy Dan.

Yet in Equus you have a nude scene eight times a week. You’re flashing around your Elder Wand for all the world to see.

But I don’t know how to be sexy. Rob can just sort of stand there and look at something and start to smolder. And I just can’t do that. I’m a natural fidget.
Dan has the smoldering look going on too! Please click here for an example of smoldering!Dan</i>

One last question. Have you shagged Dame Diana Rigg yet?

Not yet. Though I long for it to happen, I still await the day.

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Captain of the SS Panvi
Wed, Jan. 28th, 2009 05:18 am (UTC)

I think anyone with half a brain would fall in love with Dan, just by looking at a interview of him.