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I'm home from work and I'm having a temper tantrum. I can't record with my dvd\vcr player! I have two actually, one is staying here when I move. One is a Toshiba and the other is a Panasonic. I've tried recording with both devices and I can't! I've tried both VCR tapes and DVD-Rs. I put it in and I press record after setting it to DVD or VHS mode. It "records" but since I'm doing a test run, I stop it (usually the VHS)...and play it back. It's all black! I really don't know what to do and their FAQs on their websites don't help me. I want to record the inauguration! I wouldn't panic as much if I knew I could get it online but I don't know if I can get it online. If I could, I'd want to download the entire inauguration (swearing in, parade, speech, ect) and then burn it to a dvd.

Can anybody help me with my DVD player woes? :{

eye twitch
I called DirectTV and they helped me but it didn't matter, I still can't get a picture. *seethes*
Tags: i hate technology, omgwtfbbq!
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