Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27


Today's photo is of Spencer! He came in on Friday and I've kept him locked in ever since. Minerva is getting fixed tomorrow and I decided to haul Spencer in for his shots which are due. He absolutely hates being in. He's been better this time though, complaining a lot but once he's in my room for the night he'll settle down...mostly. He'll get up and rush the door if it seems I'm getting up (meaning, he'll start complaining if I shift on the bed). Then he gives up and comes to me purring. He'll then walk on my boobs and knead and that hurts. He's a massive kitty x_x

My big handsome kitty. I think he weighs a good 20 pounds, I'll know for sure tomorrow morning :)
Tags: 365 photos
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