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Don't mind me, I'm going into Dan induced insanity :D

Omg, how wonderful was Dan on Conan tonight! I think this is probably his best appearance on the show and that's saying something since he's always hilarious and charming.
I was outraged on his behalf over those idiotic girls in the audience. Theater etiquette people! You don't do some things! Ack! His Annoying Audience Initiative should be enforced :B
His brain meltdown caused me to go into hysterics. Never change Dan!

He was so delicious looking tonight wasn't he? Very groomed, he shaved and his hair was just awesome.
Dan's sense of humor+Dan's outrage at similes and annoying people+Dan's lusciousness=....A very happy Sara :)

As soon as I find a video of the appearance I'll make sure to post (unless someone beats me to it!)

Dan doesn't like the use of obnoxious similes xD
Tags: danrad, fangirl squee!!!
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