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Today's photo is under a cut because of the size.

Naturally I didn't take this. Today's photo is of Masada in Israel. I chose this picture because I've been researching Birthright Israel groups for the last few hours. This is my last chance to go because I'm turning 26, the max age of people who can participate. All these groups have a few things in common and one of them is the trek up Masada to see the sunrise. Some of them take the lifts and some of them hike up. Some have both options, which is what I want. I can't hike that in my condition right now. Even if I joined the gym tomorrow I don't think I'd be ready. That said I think I will join a gym next week to prepare for this summer. There's also rafting and hikes with all of these groups. Even a mild hike will kick my ass if there's inclines (which there will be). Anyway, Masada was a fortress and the last stronghold of a band of Jewish people who fled from the Romans. It's a major point on these tours so I figured this was the best picture to choose for what I've been doing today.
Tags: 365 photos, birthright israel
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