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yay, surveys!

Your Camera: I have a lot...I'll do info on my two main ones
1. What brand is your camera? Canon
2. What model number is your camera? Powershot SD990 IS and Rebel XTi
3. How much did you pay for your camera? $350 and $900
4. Was it on sale? The Rebel was
5. Did you receive it as a gift? No but I've received cameras as a gift
6. Who gave it to you? See above...but the person who gave me a camera was dad
7. How old is your camera? My oldest camera is from the 70s, it was my dad. My newest camera is 2008
8. What color is your camera? Most of them are black but there's a few silver ones
9. Does your camera have a neck strap? My EOS cameras do, my little one has a wrist strap
10. Do you use the neck strap when taking pictures? When I'm using my EOS ones...
11. Have you ever dropped your camera? Yes, my previous Powershot. It still works and I use it :)

12. When did you first get interested in photography? When I was probably in diapers ;)
13. When was the last time you took a picture of yourself? A few days ago
14. When was the last time you took a picture with someone else? 2008
15. When was the last time you took a picture of someone else? Last week
16. When was the last time you took a picture of something other than a person? Yesterday
17. When did you receive your first camera? My dad gave me his old camera when I was 8 and I got my first new camera when I was 13
18. When did you receive the camera you currently use? 2007 for my Rebel and 2008 for my Powershot

19. What was the last thing you took a picture of? Minerva
20. What is your favorite thing to photograph? scenery? Nature (wildlife, geography, pets...)
21. What is your favorite thing to photograph outdoors? NATURE!
22. What is your favorite thing to photograph indoors? Pets
23. What season do you like photographing the most? Fall...when I can get someplace that actually displays Fall colors...otherwise Winter
24. What is your least favorite thing to photograph? Myself?
25. What site [if any] do you post your pictures on? Photobucket, LJ, DA, and I'm about to make a Flickr account
26. What is your dream camera? EOS-1Ds Mark III....although I'd be very happy if I just got some really wonderful lens for my Rebel

26. Do you have a tripod for your camera? Yes
27. Has anyone ever been interested in buying your photographs? Yes actually! I've made a few $$$
28. Would you like to make photography your career someday? I've always dreamed of being a world hopping nature won't happen though
29. Do you edit your pictures? Besides resizing (I doubt you want to see Minerva at 3000+x3000+! Anyway, I crop and edit the colors just ebough where the natural colors come out. You know how sometimes a photo doesn't bring out the colors that you remember seeing? Yeah, I bring them out..that's about it. I like to keep my photos natural.
30. If you do, what program do you use? Paint Shop Pro X
31. Do you prefer black and white or color? It depends on the subject...but I usually use color
32. How many cameras have you owned? About...10?
33. Do you have lenses for your camera? Yes I do! I have a wide angle adapter that I hook onto my normal lens, I have a zoom adapater that turns a normal zoom into a higher power zoom, and I have the next grade up zoom lens. It was all I could afford at the time ($400!). My dream lens is over $1000 x_x
34. If you do, how many and what kind? Er, see above! I also have filters and a little lens attachment for my Powershot
35. Do you have a favorite time of day to take pictures? Usually late afternoon, I love the light
36. How about a favorite place? Vacation spots ;)
37. Who is your favorite female to photograph? Er...I guess myself...or my lady cats ;)
38. Who is your favorite male to photograph? My cousin
39. Who is your favorite person out of those two people to photograph? Lolz, my cousin. He's much better looking then myself ;)
40. Is photography relaxing to you? Usually...except when I'm trying to take a photo where I know time is vital and then I go back and realize the setting was wrong!
41. Do you automatically have a good day when your pictures turn out nicely? Usually!
42. Is photography your favorite hobby? Hmm...besides listening to music
43. Which do you like photographing more, yourself or other people? Other people

44. Post your favorite picture of yourself:

I actually feel good about my looks when I see this photo

45. Post a picture you took of someone else:

In case you thought your eyes were deceiving you, that is Daniel Radcliffe

46. Post a picture you took of something outdoors:

Marjorie Glacier in Alaska

47. Post the most recent picture you took:

48. Post your absolute favorite picture that you took:
Can't, I've taken too many

49. Post a black and white picture that you took:

50. Post an edited picture that you took:

I added the border and tweaked it so the colors came out, it was too hazy to see the green on the cliffs but it was there.

51. Post an old picture of yourself:

52. Post a picture of you and a family member:

With my cousin :)

53. Post a picture of you and your significant other:
Don't have one

54. Post a picture of you and your best friend:

55. Post a picture where you're making a weird face:

56. Post a mirror picture of yourself:

Wow, I actually have one!

57. Post a picture of an animal that you took:

I figured I'd post a photo of a wild animal since I already used one of one of my cats

58. Post a picture you took of something outdoors: (another one?)

Tahoe region

59. Post a picture that you took of a plant/tree/flower:

60. Post a few more of your favorite pictures that you took:
Nope, too many! You can check out my DeviantArt account though...although I neglect it :\

Does the sound of nails on a chalkboard make you cringe? It does!
When you wake up with a bad hair day, your day is ruined? No, I just come my hair
Do celebrities like Paris Hilton make you just embarrassed to live in the USA? No, people like Bush make me embarrassed to live in the US. Paris Hilton is just an insignificant blurb in our pop culture history, Bush will go down in our history books as a major blemish.
Do you hate being late? for anything? Depends on what it is
Do you hate when skinny girls say "OMG WTF I'M SO FAT!"? Yes, because when they say that I look at myself and feel even fatter (I am fat)
Do you get annoyed when hear racial slurs? Yes
Do you get angry when people splash you in the pool, when you specifically told them NOT to? I don't know, I haven't been in a pool in years
Do you hate when people say the word "gay" as a word to replace stupid? Yes
Do you hate the smell of wet paint or nail polish? Nail polish is worse
Does the summer heat make you want to hibernate until spring/fall or winter? I like summer when it first starts because of the cold winters and the windy springs. By the time the second week rolls around I'm ready for Autumn
Do you find it skank like when you see girls who CAN'T get off their boyfriends for 10 min? I hate the word 'skank'
Do you hate when people laugh at their own jokes? No, late night guys do that and they're funny
Can you not stand when people spell "a lot" as one word? Yes but I've been known to do it :x
Do you get totally pissed off when the hot water runs out while you're in the shower? It rarely happens but yes I do hate it
Do you hate seeing teachers out of the classroom? No, they're people just like you and me
Do you hate how every Disney Star "thinks" they can sing? I don't pay attention
Sometimes you wish, or have committed road rage? The extent of my road rage is to turn music up real loud. I rarely honk!
Can you just NOT stand it when people say "GET OVER IT!"? Depends on what I should get over
Seeing someone getting bullied makes you want to "open a can of whoop-ass!"? Yes but I don't do it :P
Do you hate when people in the movie theater do nothing but talk? YES!
Do you hate seeing your ex happy with someone else? i don't really have an ex
Do you hate when your parents think your life is so simple, because you're a teen, and have no "real" problems? I'm not a teen
Do you hate when people Typ3 LyK3 Di$?Ugh, yes I do!
What is you favorite type of lunch meat? Bologna
Are both of you biological parents currently alive? I don't know, I was adopted
What is your favorite TV show on Comedy Central? South Park! <3
What historical figure (i.e. Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller) would you date? Hmmm...I can't think of anybody
Do you like mustard? I tolerate it but it has to be in extremely small amounts
Do you wash you hair everyday? No, that's not healthy
What is your most overused phrase? The word "like"
What Simpsons character do you most closely physically resemble? Laura Powers...but bigger (click her name for a photo)
If you were a zoo animal (i.e. lion, tiger, warthog) what would you be? I'd rather be a free animal. I'm not against well run and developed zoos but I wouldn't want to be a "zoo animal". That said...for land a tiger, for sea an orca.
Any bad jokes that you love? Yep! Knock knock. Who's there? You know. You Know Who? Exactly! Avada Kedavra! lolz xD
What geographical region do you not live in, but adore? The Pacific Northwest...basically anyplace that has rugged and gorgeous nature
Do you have any shameful secret crushes (i.e. Katie Couric, your uncle)? Even my secret crush I won't share with anybody isn't shamful
What time of the year do you dislike the most? fall/winter? The middle of summer
Do you put ketchup on your scrambled eggs? No
Any teen sensations that drive you up the wall? In a good or bad way? Good way; Dan Radcliffe (he's still technically a teen!). Bad way; all those Disney kids
How many hours a day do you completely waste online? Lots x_x
What is your favorite color to wear? Earth tones (browns and greens)
Describe your normal outfit. Jeans, a shirt, shoes..
Any embarrassing nicknames that your parents gave you? Saars (it sounds like Sars, the disease)
What is your favorite movie of all time? Can't say, so many
If I gave you fifty extra bucks, what would you spend it on? A PS3 game, those buggers cost $$$!
Are you an overacheiver? Nope
What physical feature do you wish you had (i.e. freckles, curly hair)? Slightly curly hair...or thinness
What profession would you be if there were no education requirements? hopping nature photographer
What is the biggest amount of money you have ever had in your hand at once? $1200
What is your most overused phrase online? lolz
Have you ever wasted an entire day watching TV in your jammies? Yep
How long have you talked on the phone in one conversation? From 12pm to 12am :x
What video game could you waste the most time on? It depends on my mood! Can't go wrong with Zelda though
If you could choose to be allergic to something, what would it be? Fattening food ;)
What is your favorite condiment? Ketchup
What is your favorite part of your body? Eyes
Any dead people that you would like to resurrect? John Ritter, Princess Diana...
Do you own any TV shows on DVD? So many!
What fictional character (i.e. Bambi, Scarlette O'Hara) would you marry? You seriously put Bambi in the examples? Er...Harry Potter? xD
If you were a Disney character, which would you be? Belle! I'm a brunette and I'm a bookworm...
What age do you consider to be old? I'm 25 so 30 is looking old...but I guess 60 since I do crush on guys in their 40s and I don't consider them old!
What is your all time favorite song? Oh man, not going there. Music is my drug
If you could see any band in history, who would you see? The Beatles
What is your favorite laundry soap scent? I like ALL
How long have you gone without shaving? A few weeks
What is the worst thing that you have ever done? Not saying here!
Do you bite your nails? No but I pick them
What chore do you like to do? I don't mind washing dairy dishes
What is the coolest thing about your dad? He was an amazing man. But coolest? He was a far left religious Orthodox Jew, you don't see many of those!
What TV show could you watch all day long? Haha...a few. Simpsons, South Park, House, Law & Order, Craig Ferguson...
Any cheesy bands that you love? Cheesy? Uh..ABBA? I don't love them though
Are you afraid of going bald or getting wrinkly? I'm afraid of dying young more then that
Blondes, redheads, brunettes, or baldies? Er...for what?
What is the latest time you've ever gone to bed? 12am after not falling asleep at all the previous two days?
Anything offensive or politically inncorrect that you find funny? Sure :P
How many grandparents do you have? I had four, they're all dead (one died before I was born)
What is your favorite type of ethnic food? Italian
What is your mom's most annoying trait? She wants me to be independent and then turns around and treats me like I'm 12
Do you know anyone that looks just like someone famous? I know somebody that looks like Conan O'Brien, hehe
Are you allergic to any type of food or medicine? Codiene
What is your biggest pet peeve? People not giving a shit about the situation of today's world
What is the nerdiest thing that you do? I am a walking nerd (well, more of a geek). I can't say what the nerdiest thing is ;)
If you had enough money to retire today, where would you go? Hmmm...UK possibly
What TV show do you watch the most reruns of? Lots, 90% of my favorite shows are mostly reruns
How much time do you spend on your looks each morning? not long
What is the meanest thing you have ever said to someone else? Nope!
What is your opinion of clowns? Ick! The only clown I like is Krusty
What is your favorite number? 7
What fast food place is the best? In & Out...although Sonic's has amazing drinks
Are there any types of animals that freak you out? Ticks!!!!!
Have you ever been on an Amish farm? Yes
Did you ever go through a phase where you wrote bad poetry? More then likely
Do you like caturday? Lolz, yeah
What is one thing that you'd never want your grandma to know about you? My sex life? (if I had one)
If you could rid the world of one celeb, who would it be? Rofl
Who does your laundry? Me and mom when she's doing her own load
Are there any songs that you know all the words to? A bunch!
Do you ever laugh out loud at TV shows when no one else is in the room? Of course
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? No but I would like a tattoo
Do you like any cuddly, super cute, possibly pink things? Er, I don't do pink...although baby rats are pink in the beginning and they're cute :)...! OH! Hairless rats! They have peach fuzz and the lighter rats are pink skinned. I <3 them
What color is your bedroom? Bluish white
What do you have nighmares about? A lot of things
Describe your morning ritual. Wake up, press 'snooze' quite a lot, do bathroom routines, dress, drink OJ
It's midnight. You're hungry. What are you sneaking out of the fridge? Why would I be "sneaking" it? Probably a sandwhich
Have you ever owned a hamster? Indeed I have!
Are you awkward in social situations? Yes
Have you ever gone through a phase where you wore all black? Yes, I went through that stage
Rename a color, please. no
If you could go nuts and dye your hair any color, what would it be? I did dye it blue...that was such a mistake
Who is your hero? People that go out there and make a difference. A dedicated teacher, somebody that goes to a third world country to help, somebody working on saving a species...those types of people
If the choice was up to you, who dies- your best friend or ten strangers? Ten strangers
Who is your best friend anyway? Monique and my cousin Ben
Have you ever dyed or permed your hair? dyed it
What's the weirdest pet you've ever had? Er...rolly pollys?
Do you blog? Isn't that what I'm doing right now?
Do you use people's names in your passwords? Sometimes
Are you currently romantically attached? No :(
Who is your favorite superhero? Crusader Rabbit? Haha, kidding. Spider-Man's pretty awesome
Speaking of superheros, what magical power would you most want? I'd love to fly...
What's at the end of the rainbow? a rainbow is actually a full circle << ditto!
What is the worst month of the year? August
What is your dad's middle name? Saul
What is your favorite thing about your life? It's alright
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