Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

1\365 and 2\365

I got this idea from penguinsane, let's hope I can follow through. I'm going to post at least one picture a day for the next year. Since I missed January 1st I'll post two photos tonight to make up for it. It'll be personal and non-personal photos ( cat or a beautiful tiger).

I hope I can stay motivated for this! Watch me quit by February :x

First one is a little me taken in the 80s. Oh 80s, how I miss you. I was cute, what happened :B

Second one is me at Disneyland with my family (that's my brother). OMG, my pants are fricken awesome (and my suspenders!). I was such a child of the 80s, lmao.
Tags: 365 photos
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