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The NYC trip was kind of a downer to be perfectly honest. From what we were able to get out of it was fun. We arrive Monday afternoon and left the buttcrack of dawn on Friday. We only got Monday and Tuesday to really do anything. We were sick with the stomach flu all day Wednesday and recovering Thursday. I felt okay enough for us to see Spamalot Thursday night but the next morning I got sick at the airport (in the bathroom thankfully).
On Monday we walked around Middtown. We saw a man propose on the ice in front of Hermes at the Rockefeller Center. They kissed to the whole crowd cheering, I got a bit misty eyed watching it. We saw some nice window displays too but nothing like we could've see on certain parts of 5th Avenue. On Tuesday we took a train up to Scarsdale to see relatives. It was so pretty up there, small towns next to lakes and forest. They had a weekend snow storm and it was fresh white snow. Beneath the frozen top the snow was still powdery and oh so lovely.
Tuesday night I saw Equus again! You saw my post on that :)
Wednesday was hell. Mom got sick first. I got sick briefly and thought I'd be okay. We went down to breakfast and when waiting for the elevator..well I lost my breakfast. I stayed in bed all day and took many frequant bathroom trips. Thursday I was recovering.
We got up at 4:30am to get to JFK. At 7 we got in the air and landed in San Fransisco at 10am. We waited around until our 2pm flight and finally got into LA around 3:30.
That's the trip in a nutshell. We wanted to do so much! We wanted to see more window displays on 5th, we wanted to go to a few museums, go up to Top of the Rock, Central Park, etc etc. Oh well :\

Since we only really had two days of New York we didn't really get anything. However, I did go to the boutiques at Grand Central while waiting for our train. They had a little booth on green products and I picked up an awesome messenger bag. I'll probably use it instead of my purse, I've been meaning to give the purse a break anyway. This is the bag, isn't it awesome? :3

Oooo, mysterious

Zomg, Nessie swam across the Atlantic! Or it could be Champ going to another lake :P

I really like this one :)

No this doesn't need to be rotated. I have no idea what's going on in this display

I forgot the name of this artist. These glass sculptures are worth a lot. We have a Moses one (looks more like Jesus though!)

The tree on the "fireworks" setting, trippy!

Rockefeller Center

The statue of Hermes

They had a light show on the ceiling of Grand Central (that place is so beautiful)

Outside Grand Central. That's the Chrysler Building in the backround
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