Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Tonight there was much squee'age

Me to Dangirl #1: The tension is killing me!
Dangirl #1: I know right?!
*five minutes pass*
*Richard Griffiths comes out*
Crowd: WOOO!!!
He eventually gets to me
Me: You aren't wearing your furry hat!
Griffiths: It isn't cold enough
People keep shoving Playbills in his face.
Griffiths: Won't this madness end!
Me: You still have to do the other side.
Griffiths: Oh believe me, I know.
*five minutes later he finishes the other side and leaves*
*Another five minutes of unbearable tension*
*Dan pops his cute head out the door and the crowd explodes*
He eventually gets to me....proceed with squeeing
This is Dan talking to me (that's my voice). I couldn't focus on him the whole time because I was also juggling the Playbill and my camera but...omg right!?

I'll post more photos from this when I get home. That's just a preview ^_^

The trip so far has been fun! We went walking around last night after we dropped our stuff off at the airport. I got my photos of the Christmas tree with Hermes and the ice rink. I had the privilege of seeing a man propose on the rink. They closed the rink for a few minutes while he did that. The crowd started cheering when they kissed, it was so touching and lovely.
We took the train to Scarsdale today to see my second cousin and his wife. It was nice seeing them, it was also nice bouncing in all that powdery snow! It's so beautiful up there :)

Tomorrow we'll go to the MoMa (Metro Museum of Art) and maybe go to Strawberry Fields. I dunno what else we'll do tomorrow.
Christmas we'll go to Top of the Rock and Spamalot. Also figure out what else to do...
Tags: danrad, equus, fangirl squee!!!, my photos, nyc vacation
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