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HBP!Harry is 7 kinds of awesome

I want to paint my house, help me pick out a color? (this photo confuses me...and Dan looks confused himself!)

Wow, he has huge eyes. (all the better to see us with!)

Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile of the Year goes to....

Harry Potter tries bondage. Ok, I'll admit it, I like that hair! I'm a fan of GoF!Hair mostly but that isn't too shabby.

Why in the world don't I have a Harry!Dan icon? I have one of Ron and Harry hugging, fanart!Harry, Harry\Draco slash with Tom and Dan...but no single Dan as Harry icon! I must search for one! cute!
Tom Felton has a big forehead :P

PS---Why is Coldplay so freaking awesome?
Tags: danrad, hbp, snark
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