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Oy vey

We finally got the flight situation settled. I found a flight for $1200 but after I typed all the info in the deal was gone, someone nabbed it! They still had my info in so I just searched again and picked the next flight out. That went through but it wasn't until a hour later that I realized it was a Monday night flight! That would have us get into NYC on Tuesday. So I called the website and they called Virgin. For $500 each we could change flights. WUT?! So I called the hotel and canceled Monday's reservation.
When mom got home I told her and we went to IHOP (mmm, Nutella crepes). We decided to call Virgin the next day and see if we can change flights cheaper through them. She called the next day when she got home (I don't have the assertiveness to really push for things). She was able to get us on a 7:30am Monday flight for $470 total (not for both of us, a flat $470). I agreed to pay for that and there we go. I really wanted bulkhead seats which are coach but have lots of extra legroom because of, yes, the bulkhead. Virgin said those are extras so nevermind. So the total went from $1407 to $1450 I think...something like that.
Our flight back home will be at 7am so we'll have to get up hella early because of NYC traffic. Sadly we have a 4 hour layover in San Fransisco. I guess we could leave the airport for two 1\2 hours but what the heck is there to do? Mom said that the airport isn't near anything. I guess I'll bring my laptop.
Oh, I didn't say I got a laptop! Mom bought a new laptop a month or two ago but couldn't get it on wireless. I tried myself but it was acting weird. So I finally had a lightbulb moment and set it up with my modem. Well it worked. So I set up the older laptop (old=just over a year old) and that worked to. It hasn't given us any problems since. So mom will probably cancel her internet and all the computers will be on my line. I'll pay all of it and mom said that I don't have to pay my share of DirectTV because of it, sweet. So she gave me her "old" laptop. It has a great wide and really nice screen and a full keyboard so I can type just as fast as on my desktop. Unfortunately it's a Vista. Some people say Vistas are fine and I believe them but this computer has had problems from the very beginning and I blame the Vista! Whatever, it's fixed. It has a built in webcam but I can't find the program! You can see the little camera at the top of the laptop screen but I have no idea where I can find it :(

What in the world is up with the weather! It's so interesting! It was snowing Acron, about 15 miles from me! I was about ready to jump in my car when I heard the roads there were all closed. La Cresenta, Santa Clarita, the Cajon Pass, and the Grapevine all got snow! Nuts!
I was praying for some snow down near me. It hardly ever snows by me even when it snows in the LA area. The last time we got snow it was maybe 95? So last night the temperature just suddenly because of the increase in winds. It was still raining and I looked outside and saw some white. I was about to get squeeful but about two minutes later it went back to rain (just a very light and very short flurry). It was alrady melted outside. Lame :P

It was snowing in Vegas! Not just snowing, snowing hard! I saw a lot of photos from various people. It's kinda spooky seeing a lit up pool, pool chairs, and palm trees all covered in a white blanket. Nuts!
Let's not even start on the rest of the west coast! Oregon and Washington...yikes! Portland and Eugene got some snow, earlier in the season then usual and Seattle got snow. I was telling Ben he was lucky and he said to "shut up". Hehe :P

The storm system that hit the West US is heading east and should get there by Monday. I looked it up and NYC will get some but it'll be mostly upstate NY getting the brunt of it for that state. I'm glad (well not for upstate NY but for myself). I want snow and I'll probably get it when I'm there but I don't want a blizzard and below zero temperatures! It looks like I won't get that thankfully, I don't want to be frozen solid and have mom stay in the hotel the whole time. :P

I'm done with finals, I had my last tests Tuesday. Woot!

Ask me any 5 questions and I'll answer them all as truthfully as a I can :)

DO IT! I'm bored :\

Hahaha! I just got a friend request from Diane's stepfather. You remember her? Ignorant Jewish girl that got married? (the famous Pee Pee story). I've known Vlad (stepfather) for years but it's weird getting a request from him. I don't want to edit my profile! I say I'm agnostic on it and he doesn't know that. He has a stick up his ass about religion, it'll cause me problems. I shouldn't censor myself though, it's my facebook!
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