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box_of_sorrows, I got your gift! It's so adorable, thank Ali for me! I'll probably be sending your parcel out later today or on Thursday.

I'm starting to send out holiday cards so...yay.
This week's House was so awesome, so much was going on! Also zomg to the kiss towards the end! I so saw that coming but! :P
That reminds me! Hugh Laurie will be on Saturday Night Live this weekend...just a heads up to you fellow Hugh gals! :)

Ok...a post done in photos!

I'm going to

In February! Why? I mean...Vegas doesn't really intrigue me. What could possibly get me to go there?

I'm seeing Craig Ferguson at the MGM Grand's Hollywood Theater! We got super sweet seats, almost in the front! I will have to bring my

Guess where I'm going in January?

Yes I am! I talked mom into it! She's not looking forward to the weather but I am. I know I'll freeze my arse off but it'll be worth it. I'm going from the 5th to the 8th. Guess what I'm seeing?

I'll have to remember to bring my

I hope I'm fortunate enough to get another autograph and photos of Dan. If I do get an autograph I'll probably give that playbill to my cousin (I'm just cool like that, heh).

I'm also going to try and see...

So yep, big two months coming up.

I'm having so much fun adding icons to my stock!
Back to studying MATH. Ick x_x
Tags: holidays, squee!!!, vacations
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