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To my New Yorkers friends...(or anybody that knows this)

What's the weather like in NYC the first week of January? I'm trying to talk my mom into going there for a few days but she grew up in Chicago and hates the cold. I know it'll be cold (and snowy), but what's the average temperature and the average snowfall of NYC between Jan 3-Jan 10th?
She would probably be willing to deal with cold if it there isn't a terrible amount of wind...

I could look it up but...I don't wanna :)

We'll decide by Wednesday if we're going to go. In a way I don't want to go to NYC. I love snow but...NYC snow? Isn't it...icky? Heh. At the same time, I want to see Equus again and I want to see Spamalot again. But...icky snow. Central Park would be nice more then likely...
Tags: nyc, vacations
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