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The Jew with the Christmas tree :)

Christmas Gift Toy & MySpace Layouts at

Also! If you have an Amazon wishlist or something give me the link. I saved up $$ this year to get little things for my friends. I'd want to link my own wishlist but I'd feel...selfish or something for doing that. My shopping list is still huge, I really don't know what to get my brother\sister-in-law. I also don't know what to get my cousin! Either of my cousins because I can't get Ben something and not get his sister anything! Hmmm

Lastly. I love my new mood theme but i'm having major issues with it. I've tried uploading this mood theme a few times the last month but some links are broken! I go to manually repair them and the broken link's url will be like... / or /amus and that's it. I fix it so the entire /amused.gif is there but that link still won't work! I go to see if it's there in Photobucket and it is! Anybody know what's causing this and how I can fix it?
Tags: a lonely jew on christmas, family, holiday shopping, holidays, i fail, i'm a jew, lj
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