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Thanksgiving survey

Over the river and through the woods.....
Where will you spend Thanksgiving?: Family friend's house

Do you want to be there?: Not really. I would rather be in Death Valley or have the meal here
If yes, why?: NA
If no, why not?: See the question.
Who are you looking forward to seeing the most?: Eh, Joel I guess
The least?: Phillip, he's an asshat
Who will you miss the most?: We see each other a lot so nobody
Who makes waaaayyyy too much food?: My mommy!
Who eats the most?: Joel or David..or me!
Who's most likely to fall asleep after dinner?: Me
Who's most likely to get drunk and fall off the couch?: David
Do all the men disappear into the tv room, only to emerge for food?: Yep, they're insane for football
Are you perpetually placed at the kids table?: Not anymore
If you're not the host, will you help clean up?: I always help

Come eeen git it!!!!
Will you be eating turkey?: Yummmm, yes
If you're a veggie person, will people STILL try and get you to eat it?: I'm not a vegatarian
Will green bean casserole be served?: Probably not
Mashed potatoes, lumpy or smooth?: A little mix, a few lumps but not many. Mmmm, mashed potatos
Gravy or no gravy?: There will be gravy but I don't like it
Is it Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie?: Nope!
What is your favorite pie?: lemon mariagne
What's the best T-Day dessert you ever had?: Ambrosia salad
Is it: stuffing or dressing?: Stuffing
Do you like candied sweet potatoes?: Nope
Jellied or whole cranberry sauce?: Whole
What is your favorite dish?: Mashed potatos
Least favorite?: Sweet potato\yams
Weirdest dish?: One year my grandma made soup with turkey feet D:

Random stuff.
Do you watch the Macy's parade?: I tried but they weren't showing the parade! You had jerky commentators talking and you saw 2 seconds of things! I remember when you heard the commentators but didn't see them :\
How about football?: LMAO, no
Do you watch the Peanuts special?: It was on last night :)
Do you, or anyone you know have a singing turkey decoration?: I know somebody with one :x
Have you ever dressed like a pilgrim?: Yes
Do you put up decorations?: Used to
How much to you think you will eat?: Lots, I haven't had anything to eat yet
Funniest T-Day moment?: When my Grandpa had to take off his pants when he spilled wine...years ago
Worst Meal EVER????: Turkey feet D:
If you have pets, do you share with them?: We always give the pets leftovers
Will someone say grace at the table?: We're all Jewish
Do you remember the story of Thanksgiving?: Of course!
What are you most thankful for?: My family and friends

I already wished you a happy THanksgiving so I'll just say that I hope it's a tasty and safe day for you :)
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