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NYC post!

Day One:
I landed at JFK around 8:30 in the morning and got a taxi to the hotel. We were stuck on a bridge for over a hour and the driver was steamed. I forgot how...interesting taxi rides are. I swear those guys have a third eye with the stunts they pull! So I got to the hotel and checked in. I had to wait for evilcresyluna so I headed out and walked around a little. I bought some camera stuff and had a cafe mocha from Starbucks. Headed back to the hotel and met up with Celia. Our room wasn't ready yet so we left our bags there and went for lunch (orange milk smoothie of delicious doom!). We got lost on the subway and ended up on Wall Street. Perfectly fine with us. I knew that the Stock Exchange was around there and I knew it was tucked in a little street. I've been there before but it was 11 years and we couldn't find it. We did end up in Battery Park though so we walked around and saw Lady Liberty. I enjoyed the insane wind which made us frosty. After that we walked around some more and headed to the hotel and got our room. We relaxed there for awhile and then headed out to see Spamalot. Omfg! I'm a Python fan so I had high hopes for it. I was prepared to be only mildly happy with it...let me tell you though, hilarious! It is so freaking funny. If you like Python you'll love this! Heck, if you like British comedy, campy comedy, or just theater, you'll enjoy it! Clay Aiken was alright but nothing special. I really loved Rick Holmes as Lancelot and Tom Deckman as Prince Herbert. Those two were amazing :D

Day Two:
Best day evah!!!11!1
We grabbed breakfast at the hotel and then headed out. We walked to Rockefeller Center and went to the Top of the Rock. For those that don't know, that's where you go to the very top of the building and you go out on the observation decks. The only thing separating you from a long fall to doom are 1 inch thick glass panels. When you went up to the very top though, you didn't have that. So not only were you closer to doom but you also got the full blast of the wind. It was great! The view was lovely :)
After that we grabbed drinks and watched skaters at the iceskating rink in the plaza. They had the Swavorski star on the tree already but the tree itself was still in scaffolding. I want to be in NYC one year when they finally light it up. I just read that Richard Griffiths is going to be there reading The Night Before Christmas, cool! Then we headed to the NBC store where I got a nice House MD pin. We then headed to the Gershwin Theater to see Wicked. It was my fifth time seeing it and I could easily see it a sixth time (not anytime soon though). I really enjoyed the girls who played Galinda and Elphaba, especially Glinda!
We were going to go back to the hotel to rest before EQUUS but we ended up getting dinner at the Olive Garden. After dinner was saw Equus...a fully separate post for that! After Equus we went back to the hotel for the night. Lolz followed for Family Guy, South Park, and Craig Ferguson.

Day Three: Final Day in NYC
Well we got up late, either my phone's alarm didn't go off or I was smothering it when lying on it...
Anyway, we grabbed some breakfast around the corner (mmmm, bagels). We then grabbed a taxi for Central Park. We spent a little bit in Strawberry Fields and I enjoyed the peace of it. A man was singing various Beatles songs until a Central park guard said he had to leave. Kinda angered me, he was playing with an acoustic guitar. He was playing Beatles songs, John Lennon songs in Strawberry Fields...nothing wrong with that to me!
We walked around the west end of the Park for a bit and made our way to the Natural History Museum. That museum rocks so much, my feet were killing me by that time but I still enjoyed myself. Dinosaurs!
That night we saw Lion King and it was even better then when I saw it in LA. The LA show had some parts cut out so this Broadway version was absolutely amazing!
We stopped for hot chocolate and then went back to the hotel to pack up. More lolz with Craig.

Day Four:
The flight home was interesting. I slept for a hour and a half and was seated next a bratty teen.

I took my large Rebel camera but I barely used it, I mostly used my new Powershot (which I love!)

Day One!

Lady Liberty with a pretty sky :)

Heh, bird.

This is a statue of immigrants in Battery Park

A Jewish immigrant

This is a sculpture that was in one of the Trade Center towers. It survived and they put it in Battery Park as a memorial, it represents the strength and will of this country.

Day Two!

Empire State Building, taken from Top of the Rock :)

The gorgeous St. Patrick's Cathedral

Central Park

The famous golden statue of Hermes. He's under the tree and you can see scaffolding

This is an amazing building we saw when walking. I kept it a fairly large size to show the incredible detail. (when I look at the post it still looks like this photo is massive even though I resized it. Is it massive to you?)

Some detail on the building (same with this one)

Yay House! I got this awesome pin at the NBC Studios Store :D

Day Three!

Strawberry Fields!

The mosaic for John Lennon

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope some day you'll join us and the world will be as one.

A gazebo overlooking one of the lakes.

A bridge!

A black squirrel xD

Ducks :B

A Central Park horsie carriage

I'll start on the Equus post now :)
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