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This icon is my "omg, can't sleep!" icon

Gah, I can't sleep. I'm utterly exhausted but I'm too busy to sleep. I'm doing massive cleaning of my room and fretting about what to pack for New York.

I have so much to do later. I need to drive to Pasadena to drop off the rats to be taken care of, that's about 2 1\2 hours gone. I need to go to BestBuy to get another battery for my new camera and maybe another memory card. I should probably also get another card for my camcorder, hooray for $70 off coupons!
I also have to go to the bank to deposit a check and take $$$ out. Oh, and I need to pack and print things.
Why have I left this at the last minute? Oh yea, I like to stress myself out.

Right now I'm cleaning my room like mad and taking surveys to de-frazzle myself.

Got a couple of questions for you who are involved in a fandom! This is just curiosity, I'll answer them myself :)

1. You're taking this questionnaire because you are involved in a fandom. What fandoms are you involved in?
Me: The ones I'm most involved in are Harry Potter, South Park, House MD, Futurama, Star Wars, and X-Files.

2. Do you read fanfic? If you only read fanfic for certain fandoms, mention those fandoms here.
Me: I read fanfic for Potter, South Park, and House most often. I'll read fanfic for the others once in awhile.

3. What are your ships for your major fanfic fandoms? Het or slash :)
Me: Potter: H\D and H\Hr are my two OTPs. I'll read nearly any pairing with few exceptions if the plot seems good.
South Park: Stan\Kyle it my OTP. I read friendship fics if the stories take place during the show (they're 9) but I delve into slash when they reach highschool or older.
House: House\Wilson <3

4. Is there a ship that you used to like\love that you don't read anymore? Why?
Potter: Harry\Ginny and Harry\Snape. I was never fond of H\G but would read a story if it looked really good. Now, I can't stomach reading new H\G. I'll still read those old ones I really enjoy but that's it, I just really really dislike that pairing. As for H\SS, that pairing juts grosses me out now. Again, I'll read old stories I highly enjoy but I won't read anything new.

5. Is there a ship you have never touched and probably never will?
Potter: Hermione\Draco and Hermione\Snape, that just weirds me out.
South Park: Kyle\Eric. That's just so many kinds of wrong D:
House: House\Cameron

6. What's a fandom cliche you can't stand?
Potter: Draco being this beautiful sparkly guy. He's pale and pointy, I always kinda imagine him being average looking or, if I'm reading a bad!Draco story, looking like a white shrew.
South Park: Kyle being portrayed as a pansy. Sorry, but Kyle is one of the most badass characters in that show. He stands up for himself against Cartman and will kick Cartman's ass if need be. He's a caring and intelligent character but he's by no means a wimp! *huff*

7. Do you have a favorite character from the fandom? I understand it can be hard to choose so you can use a favorite character you have at the moment if needed.
Potter: Harry! :P
House: Heh, House
South Park: Kyle ^.^

8. Why are they your favorites?
Harry: I absolutely loved him in the earlier books. He had such a smartass sense of humor and he was pretty bright. I wasn't that fond of how JK portrayed him in HBP & DH but he was alright.
House: He's such a complex and amazing character.
Kyle: He's my little Jewboy! I identify with him. I was mature and intelligent in elementary school and only had a few real friends while the others looked down on me for being smart. I also had my own bully who, yes, picked on me for being Jewish. I wasn't nearly as badass as Kyle about it though, I tried to avoid the person.

9.Almost done! What is your favorite book\movie\episode of your major fandoms?
Potter: GoF or OotP I think
House: I really enjoyed "Birthmarks", the one where House and Wilson finally repair their friendship.
South Park: Oh geeze...I'll give my Top 5....Cherokee Hair Tampons, Guitar Queer-O, Smug Alert, Elementary School Musical, & Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo

I probably won't see your answers until I get back.

0011 - Open your library • Put it on shuffle • Press play • For every question, type the song that's playing • Don't lie

Opening Credits: Darkness Takes Over---Order of the Phoenix soundtrack
Waking Up: We're Gonna Rock (Around the Clock)---Bill Haley & The Comets
First Day Of Work: Staring At The Sun---U2
Falling In Love: Cry Of The Celts---Celtic Soul
Breaking Up: Breathless---The Corrs
Dangerous Situation: Times Like These---Foo Fighters
Obligatory Sex Scene: Everybody Hurts---REM (well that sucks!)
Mental Breakdown: I'm Still Remembering---The Cranberries
Driving: I Just Can't Wait To Be King---Elton John (his version)
Flashback: Through Heaven's Eyes---The Prince Of Egypt
Car Chase: I've Just Seen A Face---Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe)
Final Battle: Duel of the Fates---Star Wars (yay! That's like...the best battle song :D)
Death Scene: Earth Song---Michael Jackson
Funeral Song: Now That We're Men---Spongbob Squarepants movie
End Credits: Tomorrow---Silverchair
Sequel Trailer: This Magic Moment---The Drifters
Tags: fandoms, nyc vacation, surveys
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