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third HBP trailer!

I snark the trailer pictures! All photos taken from the wonderful hbpmoviepics

First off, so much love for Hermione's hair. That is what Hermione's hair should look like all the time, bushy and made of win!

"I am not worried Harry, I am with you." I'll probably start getting emotional starting from this scene.

I never imagined the Astronomy Tower looking like that. That's a window! So Dude 1 tosses Dude 2 out a window? Fail

Poor Hermione. Why does she look so sad?

*barf* Don't worry Hermione! Harry will realize that Ginny Sue isn't the one for him and you'll have your chance :D

I can't wait until the Quidditch parts! I've missed Quidditch :\

Draco in the bathroom! Harry saying "fight back you coward!" The ring of fire! Quidditch! *flailflailflail*
This isn't enough to get me to see Twilight though, but still! Eeeee!!!

I wanted to get a screenshot of Draco but this laptop doesn't take them. Woe!
Tags: fangirl squee!!!, hbp movie, youtube fun!!!
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