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We got our Thanksgiving weekend plans. Many places are either booked or too expensive. My aunt never bothered to get back to us which isn't fair on us. Every day that she doesn't contact us is another day where airfare gets hiked up. We were looking into Yosemite but it's too much $$$ for the holiday weekend. We might go there after Christmas though, back to the cabins we visited a decade ago. That'll be nice, be in the forest with the snow (hopefully!).

We're going to Death Valley. Death Valley is one of those places I've always wanted to visit. The hotels there are closed in the summer because of the extreme heat (115 average). You can still go there but you go at your own risk. This time of year it's pleasant in the mid 70s. Death Valley is gorgeous, it is surrounded by mountains and has many geological formations. I'm excited :)
We also don't have to worry about airfare, we can just drive! The price of gas went down thank goodness and it's about 5 hours from LA.
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