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I'm still waiting to find out if we're going to Oregon for Thanksgiving. I don't have my hopes up in case we don't go and honestly but it would be nice if my aunt let us know! We need airplane tickets, a car, and a room!
I'm making a list of backup places to go to....
Chicago, Boston, Yosemite...can't think of any other places.
Holy mongoose, tickets to Chicago are over $800 through Expedia! If everywhere else has that price...I don't think so!

Here's some kitty photos!

Zoe minding her own business :)

Minerva spots the feather wand


She spots the feather again!

Minerva: FEATHER!
Zoe: gtfo

Zoe: You will calm down

And these were taken a few days ago, I was playing with the flash setting.

Lastly, here's some photos of Minerva enjoying the nice snuggle sack that penguinsane made for me.

Yeah, lots of photos!
Tags: holidays, minerva, my photos, zoe
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