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Nation wide rally! Spread the word!

Get The Word Out!

We can’t wait for any large scale organization to get the word out for us. We have 1 week to put together a NATIONAL PROTEST and start a mobilized movement for equality! When we all come together as one voice on November 15th, we will show the nation that we can do more than just talk, we can act! We won’t solve everything in one protest, but we will fuel the fire to a conversation that can not be silenced! If we stop talking about equality for all, then we will lose the battle. If we allow others to stop talking about it, then we will lose. Hate is not the lack of love, it’s the fear of that which we do not know. This protest along with many others gives us the chance to build on the conversation and educate the masses. It’s very simple: Infiltrate, Educate, and STOP HATE!

Get the word out:

Text your friends and family telling them to check out this site, tell them to mobilize on November 15th and ask them to forward that text message to 10 friends each.

Email everyone you know - email your friends, email your enemies, email your allies, tell them to Join The Impact, tell them where their protest location is, and ask them to forward that email to 10 friends at minimum.

Comment - Comment on this blog and tell people where you are protesting. Give contact information if you want to lead the protest.

Flyer the City - We are in the process of making flyers for this event. Print them out and put them all over your city.

Contact your local Gay & Lesbian organizations - Keep the organizations that help us out daily in the loop. Let them know about this, encourage them to join, and encourage them to bring donation boxes so that they can keep earning the money necessary to speak out for us!

Contact the media - Let’s get this all over your local paper. Let’s get your news channels involved and get our faces in the public eye!

Contact your allied politicians - Thanks to the hard work of generations before us, we are lucky enough to have politicians that are open allies and even out of the closet. Contact them and ask for their help.


Click here for details
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