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What the hell is up with the LJ profile page? O_o

I went to another rally last night, this one in front of the Mormon Temple. I wasn't planning on going but...I did xD
Man, it was huge! Poor drivers were stuck in traffic because of us. I stayed for a few hours and then went to therapy. After therapy I went back to the rally for another few hours and then headed home. There's another tomorrow night which I might join. Spread the word

Today I went to the LA Times building and waited in a 50 minute line to get November 5th editions. Those are historical papers! I have the papers my parents and grandparents collected. We have many, JFK assignation, D-Day, Pearl Harbor, LA riots, etc etc etc. Now I can add my "It's Obama!" edition. I got four copies and two limited edition printing plates, all of it was $20. I'll be wrapping it all in plastic and putting them with my other historical newspapers.

We're still trying to figure out if we can go to Oregon for Thanksgiving. My aunt keeps forgetting to bring it up and mom can't figure out how to bring it up herself. If we don't go there I'm kinda begging mom to go to the east coast with me. Is there still fall foliage the last week of November? What's a good east coast destination for three full days?

I got a lovely snuggle sack for my kitties from the awesome penguinsane. Minerva seems to enjoy it, I'll post pictures a little later.

I really want to see Coldplay when they come here. I'm going to try my hardest to get a ticket..but I want to go with somebody! I hate going to concerts alone :\
Tags: concerts, holidays, i was a part of history, no on prop 8, politics, protest rallies
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