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WeHo rally

I am exhausted and sore but I'm also proud of myself.
Last night I joined hundreds to protest the passing of Prop 8. I joined them in West Hollywood, I brought my lawn sign with me. We took the streets, marching down a street and getting support from cars. I talked to somebody with CBS, expressing my outrage. Not as a homosexual, since I am straight. No, I'm expressed my outrage for my gay brothers and sisters. Why should they be banned from marrying, who are they hurting by sealing their love with the act of marriage? Isn't that what marriage is all about? Love? That's what marriage should be about but yesterday we found out that the majority of Californians don't think so. They think marriage should only be between a man and a woman. A marriage that consists of a man beating his wife is more valued then a marriage formed by two men in love. A marriage that was formed from an unwanted pregnancy, that's riddled with resentment is more important then a marriage between two women. Where is the logic? Where is the equality? This won't stick, I'll be joining many more rallies, I'll be just one of thousands of voices that will express their anger over such an injustice.

It shouldn't just be Californians rising up against this slap in the face. You, in other states, you can do something. You can spread the word about this and you can form rallies of your own. It doesn't effect only Californians, it effects the entire country. If California, a self proclaim blue left state, does this where will it end? Will states like MA overturn their gay marriage act as well? What about states that don't allow it now? If California won't go for it other states don't have a chance. So do something about it!

There's another rally at 2 that I won't be able to make but I need to pass that area on the way to therapy later so I'll honk. I'm going to any this weekend though.

I might have stopped talking about the presidential campaign (no more need for talk, heehee) but I won't stop talking about this.
Tags: equal rights, human rights, no on prop 8
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