Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

I don't want a dark cloud over my otherwise perfect victory

Wow, you can't find parking at that party! I parked pretty far and walked, I stayed there for a hour and a half and I'm home again. I'm utterly exhausted but still exhilarated.

I guess I won't have to be in a hurry to move to Canada! I love Canada though so I will move there one day, it's like one big blue left country!

Prop 2 was passed, thank goodness. Ya know, as soon as I walked out the polling place I wanted to change my vote on that. I went into that booth with only workers and the economy on my mind, I forgot the main thing on that prop and what it stands for. I'm an animal lover and I support animal welfare and I'm ashamed that I voted no. I wanted to go back in there and ask for my ballet but I knew I oculdn't. I'm freaking happy it passed, it lessons my guilt. I made a pretty deecent sized donation to the ASPCA to make up for my stupid mistake.

Prop 8 is still in the lead, I'm ashamed. This is the blue state of California? Remember when the Japanese Americans were put into camps? What about when Jews and blacks weren't allowed in certain neighborhoods? When blacks and whites couldn't inter-marry? Yeah, discrimination. Come on California, it's not over yet! Please, don't pass! Not only is it discrimination it's also unconstitutional! If this passes what else will they try to re-write? I hope against hope that if it does pass that it will be taken to the Supreme Court. There's a very good chance they'll overrule it because it goes against the constitution. Don't let it get to that though!

Prop 4 looks like it won't pass...YES!
Prop 7 is a no, thank goodness!

As soon as I find out the final results for 8 and 4 I will let you know.
Please California, don't let me down...
Tags: california, no on prop 4, no on prop 8, obama wins!, stupid people
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