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I'm about to head to the party in Century City but I need to say some things.

I've been off and on crying since 8pm my time when we found out that he would win. I'm just so over the moon about it. But no matter how happy and proud I am to welcome President Elect Obama I can't imagine how my black sisters and brothers feel. The election wasn't about race but that doesn't take away from the fact that our next president will be the first African American. The pride they must feel must be overwhelming and I can't tell you how happy I am for this step in American history. It makes me even more proud to be an American, change is on the way and it's about time.

Now for California. The results aren't all counted for. Prop 8 was leaning yes but take into account that they were counting mail-in ballets and those are usually conservative. I'm hoping against all hope that the lead Prop 8 has falls away but we might not find out the total for two hours. It's 54-46%, I hope that California is smarter then that.
Prop 1A is also not in the lead, that's the high rail system which would create thousands of jobs and help our economy and would be a step in the green direction. Please pass! Prop 4 isn't in the lead, it's leaning towards a 'no'. Prop 4 would limit a girl's right to having an abortion, it looks like that won't pass thankfully.

Please California, make tonight's victory complete!
Tags: historic moments, i'm a patriot, no on prop 4, no on prop 8, obama wins!!!
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