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Election 2008 is almost over...finally

I voted and I'm proud to say that I voted for Obama\Biden!
I also voted no on Props 4,8,7. Yes on Measure 1A! Of course there were other measures I voted for\against but those were the biggies. I was very torn on Prop 2 (google if) but I made up my mind in the booth. I don't think I'll be broadcasting my decision on that one.

I went at 9:30 and got out by 10:00, it wasn't that bad.

Bush will be out of office soon, we'll be free from his stupidity very soon!

Remember to vote ladies and gentlemen! You know how I feel on voting but I won't flip out on non-voters. As an American it's our right to vote and it's also somebody's right to not vote if they choose. I might not agree with it but that's their decision, not mine.
I think I'll watch Spongebob until 4 xD

At the same time though I'll keep encouraging you to vote vote vote!!
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