Agent 27 (witherwings7) wrote,
Agent 27

Guess what?

Chicken butt.

Just kidding, although I am 12 mentally ^_^

Anyway, my mom was talking to my Aunt Sandy tonight. She was complaining about how Adam could care less about her and that we'll be alone for Thanksgiving again. They started talking about it and we might might go to Eugene for Thanksgiving. SRGHSJKLGBJSK!!!
It isn't for sure but I want to go! I haven't spoken to my cousin in months. Well, he'll leave a one sentence comment on my Facebook every blue moon but we haven't really talked in months. I'm a big angry at him but I still want to see him and my other cousin Dayna!
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

My camera came early, I wasn't expecting it until Oct 30th at the earliest. Sweet!
Obama and Clinton rocked Florida, that's all there is to it!

Obama really needs to mention Israel. He can lose the Jewish vote if he doesn't (well, Orthodox Jews). We know he's a supporter and Biden is a great friend to Israel but he really needs to mention it for those Orthodox Jews who hear from various newspapers that he's not a friend to that country.

I wanted to go to Long Beach on Halloween to go to the Queen Mary. That might not work out but every Halloween there's an awesome parade in West Hollywood. That's easier to get to, I can just take a cab or the bus! I wouldn't even attempt on driving to that, crazy! The parade is always fun, it's crazy!

Please take a moment to read my holiday card post and comment if you want a card.
Tags: cameras, family, holidays, obama 08'

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